Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Caught-My-Eye Posts

* The Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Nerd Family Blog. We are in the midst of speech therapy with our youngest, so I was particularly interested in the Homeschool Speech Therapy post. As always on the Carnival, there are loads of valuable posts.

* HotChalks Free Lesson Plans. Looks full of possibilities.

* The Homeschool Classroom is giving away a free e-book during the month of July. As a contributor to The Homeschool Classroom, I have previewed the book and encourage you to become a fan and download it! Tons of good information is included in it. As Angie writes,
"We’re so excited to be able to share a free ebook with our readers here at The Homeschool Classroom. Throughout the month of July, this 64 page ebook, Homeschooling by the Numbers, will be available exclusively to those that are fans of The Homeschool Classroom on Facebook. After July, it will still be available to Facebook fans, but it will also be available to those that are subscribers to The Homeschool Classroom through an RSS or email feed. (So, don’t worry if you’re not on Facebook, you’ll get a chance at the download too!)"

* Rachel Held Evans is my new favorite blogger. She is brilliant, truly. My favorite recent posts on her blog are 25 Things That Should Scare Christians and Are You in the "Real" Christian Camp?
* A few years ago I wrote a post called The Fourth of July in Church. I am so happy that this picture no longer shows up at our church on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans' Day.

Yes, it even showed up after Barack Obama became president. Tacky. Anyway, I was happy to see two excellent articles in The Christian Standard, the flagstaff magazine of the Independent Christian Churches,this week: "And God Bless America" by Doug Priest and "God Bless America" by editor Mark Taylor.

* Frozen Lemon Dessert. Seriously yum.
* Pesto and Grilled Vegetable Sandwiches with Fresh Mozzerella. Haven't tried this one yet, but it is absolutely mandatory that I do.
* Red Velvet Trifle. My little girl made up one for the Fourth of July that was so festive: red velvet cake, cool whip, blueberries, and strawberries. Turns out (not surprisingly) that her creation is already on The Food Network. Everyone loved it.

* New place to play: Pinterest. Check it out. It seems frivolous at first glance, but I have actually used this quite a bit already to track books to read and recipes to try.
* More organizational attempts: Evernote. I've barely tapped into this resource, but I'm exploring its potential. Anyone have ways they use this I need to know about?
* Looking forward to: Caleb's Crossing, the newest by Geraldine Brooks.

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  1. You could make that yummy lemon pie gluten-free by replacing the graham cracker crumbs with g-f ginger snap crumbs. I'm just sayin.'

    And NO! That photo did NOT show up in your church? Next, someone will insert "turn off all that other stuff and be watching Fox News, people" into a sermon!


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