Saturday, May 19, 2012

Caught-My-Eye Posts

Fantastic piece on on the Tennessee "Monkey Bill" at Rachel Held Evans.

We introverts are slightly obsessive about reading about ourselves. Interesting thoughts on introverts and how we fit at Introverted Church.

You Just Broke Your Child. Congratulations: beautiful, insightful post on what it means to be a dad. I am so incredibly thankful that Randy is such an amazing father to our kids.

50 Things To Do Before You're 12: A bucket list of things every kids should experience. There are no museums and trips to Europe here: just lots of critters and such. This is one of those articles that makes me feel like a good parent. :)

10 Grammar Rules and Best Writing Practices That Every Writer Should Know: fantastic post from Melissa at Writing Forward. I'm going to hand this out to my students every year.

5 Things You Should Never Tell a New Homeschooler

This is an older post but I just read it: The Public School Parents' Guide to Homeschool Parents


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  1. Wow! That introvert book is something I would like to read. That has been me! I always feel out of place in the church. I am a behind-the-scenes girl, but that is not as welcomed as the public go-getter. And my son is the same way. He does NOT want to do any youth activities where there is a lot going on. I was the same way when I was his age. He runs the computer on Sunday morning for our pastor. He likes that because he is isolated and still serving. But, I know he feels like something is wrong with him because he doesn't want to sit in front and play the guitar during worship. Interesting topic!


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