Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cub Scout/Boy Scout Crossover

Our youngest son crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts last night. My husband also crossed over from 8 years as a Cubmaster to full-time assistant Scoutmaster.

I started off the day by making a cake, which was an excellent distraction. Moms of little boys who are about to cross over get very weepy. Especially when they once looked like this:

Duncan as a Tiger Cub
 So, yep. I made a cake for the 9 boys who are crossing over. I was extremely proud of my craftiness 'cause this is really not my thing. I put the Webelos symbol on one side and the Scout symbol and their names on the other, and of course divided the cake into half blue and half green. 

I gave all the little signs to the moms after we cut the cake, so they have something for their son's scrapbook. (Or for the Big Box of Memorabilia, in our case.)

We prayed fervently for the rain to hold off for our evening, outside ceremony. We felt a few drops while Randy cooked hot dogs and a few more while the boys played their traditional games (including tug o'war Cub Scouts vs. Boy Scouts—notice which group is doing the victory cheer).

The rain held off while the younger boys got their awards, and Randy was presented with a plaque in appreciation of his many years as Cubmaster and den leader.

And then when it was time to go down to the bridge for the actual crossover ceremony, the skies were totally clear. 

Our Pack 442 boys almost always go straight into Troop 442, so many of the boys from the troop, as well as the Scoutmaster, come to the ceremony to greet the boys and put on their new epaulets and neckerchief. Our older son, Jesse, is an Eagle Scout. Although he has just finished his sophomore year in college, he was sweet enough to agree to come and help Duncan cross over.

Randy always asks the local Order of the Arrow group to come and do the actual crossover ceremony. The boys call for Akela, who then asks each of them a question before allowing them to receive their Arrow of Light awards.


After all the boys have spoken with Akela, they light their candles and receive their Arrows of Light.

Then they blow out their candles and their den leaders remove their Cub Scout insignia. When their name is called, they make the journey over the bridge from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, where the Boy Scouts put on their new neckerchief and epaulets and welcome them into the troop.

After all the boys crossed over, Randy crossed over. I just about started bawling then, when he said how incredibly awesome it was to be the Cubmaster and how much he loved all the boys. He really has been such an incredible leader to these boys. The families have all been so supportive and encouraging to him throughout these year. We could not ask for a better Cub Scout pack! But without anymore Cubs in our family, it is time for him to hand over the reins to someone else. He has been an Assistant Scoutmaster for many years, so he'll continue in that capacity.

And then the ceremony was over. Duncan was so very excited. When he arrived home, the first thing he did was hug the dog and say, "Well, Autumn, your boy is a Boy Scout now." So sweet.

But of course we had to get a few more pictures before we cleaned up and came home. 

These are sweet, sweet days.


  1. Awww! My Little Wild Man is planning on entering Tiger Cubs this Fall! Wowzers...I don't even want to think about HIS crossover ceremony...*sniff, sniff*

    1. Awesome! Is he joining 442 or do you have one at your church. And speaking of that, we need to talk about AHG!

  2. Awwwww! What an awesome milestone - I would have been bawling the whole time. ;)

    The Cockatiel Project

  3. This brought back so many memories. I used to be in brownies and then Girl Scouts.
    Our nephews are into scouts and every year when it comes to those derby car races they get so excited. This year, my husband helped my nephew.
    gorgeous photos and congrats!

  4. What a great day and a great milestone for both of them.

    Carol's Notebook- Wordless Wednesday

  5. Great looking cake! I got choked up and I don't even know your boy scouts! Congratulations!

  6. Awwww... you made me cry just reading this! How proud you must be! :)


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