Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Quiet Rambling

* This is one of those rare nights that I am terribly reluctant to give up and go to bed. The house is incredibly quiet, and I haven't quite finished unwinding.

* We painted the main entrance doors at our church red tonight. That's not an idiom, like "painting the town red." We are taking steps toward making our church more guest-friendly, and red doors seemed necessary. Probably it wasn't a great idea to paint them at night when we couldn't really see the results on the outside part, but sometimes you just have to strike when the iron's hot. (That is an idiom, and I'm always proud of myself when I get one right. I have a tendency to say things like "Strike while the kettle is black.")

* The dishwasher is leaking. The pipe under the sink is dripping. The bathtub faucet is leaking really fast.

* We need friends with plumbing skills.

* We only have one day left before our co-op breaks until the end of January. I am so happy! I love classes and enjoy seeing everyone, but how I love to burrow in for a couple of months.

* Peppermint Hershey's Kisses are fearfully addictive. Unfortunately, the sharp chunks of mint always cut up my mouth so I have to stop eating them before I really want to. All food should be like that.

* My firstborn is going to college in 9 months. How is that possible?

* What will I do when my children are all grown? I vacillate between wanting to teach creative writing somewhere, working at the library, or just staying at home and writing. Perhaps I'll keep my house very clean and shiny. I'll definitely meet friends for coffee and walks.

If you stay home with your kids now, where do you see yourself when that time comes?


  1. Hopefully Africa. It's always been hopefully Africa. I'd prefer that it be Africa before the kids are gone though. We'll see...we'll see.

  2. That feels like such an eternity away, I really don't know. I think maybe I'd like to give free music classes to kids whose parents can't afford it. I don't look forward to that time really, maybe when they are teenagers I might change my mind a little. ;)

  3. It is funny that you mentioned working at the library - I've often thought I would at least like to volunteer there when I am older and have more time.


  4. I'll be pretty old when my kids are gone, but... working at the library, sewing, some sort of ministry/volunteer work, and reading reading reading.

  5. I hope to be outside taking pictures of young families and their children....and going to coffee with you...I don't know that I will ever have a shiny, clean house...

  6. your consolation? you will have slightly longer before you get to "done" than I ...
    terribly non-comforting to me.


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