Thursday, November 26, 2009


For the two who gave me life

For the amazing man who shares this life with me

For my firstborn, who never ceases to amaze me

For this precious treasure, who fills me with inexplicable joy

For this sweet boy, the best Christmas gift ever

For brothers, nieces, nephews, and in-laws of all sorts

For these and many, many, many other friends who have touched my life from Geneva to Milligan College to Ohio to Iowa to Tennessee and through the blogosphere

And for this beautiful place where we live

And that is just the beginning. Truly, my cup overflows. And I am so, so thankful.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! That last picture is amazing.

  2. I am not quite sure why you have a picture of me in a camo Tumble Bears shirt...but I am thankful to be among those you are thankful for...and I don't know if I could ever say how thankful I am for you...


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