Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

How I loved this calm, relatively activity-free week!

* Monday we had our regular day at our co-op. We finished discussing Snow Treasure in Literature Circle, added supporting sentences to body paragraphs in Basic Essay Writing, and worked more on rebuttals in Introduction to Debate. Monday evening we had our first official meeting for our chapter of Eta Sigma Alpha, the National Homeschool Honor Society. Yes, it's true: the National Honor Society doesn't accept homeschoolers, so some folks started an honor society for homeschoolers many years ago. Apparently the NHS doesn't think homeschoolers can prove equal academic standing, which is of course ridiculous. Hello, ACT and/or SAT scores? Whatever. Our support group began sponsoring a local chapter several months ago, and we only just managed to find a time to meet and discuss future plans. The first project our kids are going to undertake is to hold a practice session for ACT test-taking. While the kids administer the practice tests, some of us parents are going to hold an information college-prep session for parents.

* Tuesday-Friday: we are in the middle of a fabulous book about The Wright Brothers. This is one of those books that the kids beg me to keep reading. We've also been reading Samantha's World: Growing Up in America's New Century, which is really excellent. While I've been reading, Laurel has been designing clothes with her fashion design kit, and Duncan has been plugging away at Legos. Of course we did all our regular work as well: spelling, math, handwriting, grammar, etc. and the kids did whatever homework they had from co-op classes. We somehow didn't do either art or creative writing this week; that happens sometimes when a book is so good that we can't stop reading!

* Jesse has been working hard at getting his essays done for college applications. The goal is to finish everything this week to submit early next week, although the deadline for early decision is Dec. 1 for the colleges to which he's applying. We're trying to discourage that procrastinator's gene.

* We finished reading and discussing Things Fall Apart in World Lit/Geography today. While most of the students liked the book more as they went along, it was far from a favorite. Jesse really liked it, and a couple others did as well. I still think it was an excellent choice, and I hope it will be memorable for them.

* Tomorrow we'll be going to the veterans' cemetery in the morning to decorate the graves with flower petals, and tomorrow night is our annual American Heritage Girls/Cub Scouts hayride and campfire!

Coming up next week: a crazy, packed week with co-op, pack meeting, Veterans' Day parade, AHG and Cub Scouts, and World Lit/geography class. Thank goodness for a few calm weeks like this past one every now and then!

To wrap up your week, visit Weekly Wrap-Up at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. You might be surprised at all you've done!


  1. We had a calm, relatively activity-free week too. I love them!!!!

    Since I see you guys are interested in AG dolls, I thought I'd mention that has a lot of AG lapbooks on sale for $2.50, as e-books. I just bought a Felicity Christmas one for us to do over the holidays. My dd has that doll and it's the time period we're covering. They're pretty cute and very easy to implement.

  2. You've gotta love those calm weeks. I'm counting down the next two, then, we'll be free of outside activities for several weeks.

  3. I love those calm weeks! We had one this week too.

  4. Oh, I would love to have a calm week. Maybe next week. The Homeschool NHS sounds like a really cool program, it's so awesome that y'all were able to create your own chapter, but also kind of sad that you had to push for it. Oh well, who's gonna fight for our kids if not us?! Hope the calm weeks continue and that y'all have a very blessed week.

  5. It's such a blessing to have calm weeks like this!

  6. Isn't it GREAT when they beg you to keep reading!? :)

  7. Good thing you had such a relaxing week-next week looks busy!
    I know what you mean about having an occasional easy, laid back week-those are weeks to relax and enjoy!

    Looks like a great week!

  8. I'm jealous! Last week was supposed to be our calm week. My daughter had one week off between football and basketball season. Instead, each day was packed with stuff to do. UGH!

    We love AG, too. We're still working on the Kit series.


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