Monday, September 1, 2008

August at SmallWorld Reads

Although I do consider this blog my blog headquarters, I also post regularly at SmallWorld Reads, my reading and writing blog. I love the world of book blogging. I have found stacks of interesting books by reading book reviews, and at this moment, Dr. H. is putting up yet another new bookshelf. That would make about the 232nd shelf in our house.

Here's what's been happening over at SmallWorld Reads, in case you haven't been visiting there, too. Not only was August a month filled with lazy summer days at our home, but it was also a fabulous month for reading—due largely to a long vacation.

Books read and reviewed in August were:
Atonement (Ian McEwan)
A Death in the Family (James Agee)
Liars' Club, The (Mary Karr)
On Chesil Beach (Ian McEwan)
The River King (Alice Hoffman)
Secret Between Us, The (Barbara Delinsky)
Serpent Handlers, The (Brown and McDonald)
The Miracle at Speedy Motors by Alexander McCall-Smith
Jimmy's Stars by Mary Ann Rodman* (juvenile lit)

Books Read but Not Yet Reviewed
The First Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

Favorite of the Month:
A Death in the Family
(First Runner Up: Atonement)

Least Favorite:
The Secret Between Us

Where I Played
Weekly Geeks: Bookish Photos and Author Photos
The Sunday Salon: Lakes and Snakes and Reading Bliss
Sunday Scribbling: How I Met..., Observations, Ask, and Do I Have To?
And most Saturdays at Semicolon's Saturday Review of Books


  1. I am so with you on this book thing. What would we do without them. I read A Million Little Pieces. I bought it a garage sale. I read it then threw it away because even though the story was interesting I didnt want that on my library shelves where my preteen daughter could find it.

    I really will have to read A Death In the family. I have heard so much about it. I think I should go over and read your review of Liars Club. I wanted to read it but I should read some reviews first.

  2. How do you do it all? I'm in awe. :-)

  3. i hated on chesil beach.
    going to the library tomorrow so i'm headed over to look through your reviews.

  4. I would love for small world to read my novel in process but, alas, the computer is so painfully unreliable and slow and I am too impatient and fickle to type and send ... so, once it is published I shall send it and wait with baited breath for the queen's response.

  5. just got the glass castle today and started reading it and already i'm in love and don't want it to end. thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Mrs. D: Yes, I'm ditching my copy of A Million Little Pieces as soon as I review it!

    Jennifer: I went on a long vacation. ;-)

    Chickadee: glad you like The Glass Castle! On Chesil Beach was...interesting.

    K: I love you.

  7. I love to read and read and read too! I'm going to have to go visit your book blog. I really did NOT like The Atonement, so I'm going to check out what you thought. :-)



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