Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Ramblings

* I think that autumn official begins tomorrow, and so I've put up the fall banners here on SmallWorld and on SmallWorld Reads. All those photos were taken last year in the Smokies. I guess that means I can start getting out the pumpkins and leaves in our real house, too. As much as I love spring in East Tennessee, I love fall even more. It is really inexpressibly gorgeous.

* I'm finally getting around to organizing my sidebar, too, since moving over here from a couple of months ago. I now have a section called "The Best of Homeschooling in SmallWorld" with links to all kinds of homeschooling stuff on my blog, from musings to reviews to practical "how-to's." I am about cross-eyed after going through three years' worth of posts just under the "homeschooling" label! This exercise has, however, sparked several post ideas.

* Melissa at A Familiar Path alerted me to the new "Follow" feature on blogger on the dashboard. I don't really know what the purpose of it is, but I'd love to have enough followers to make a nice collage on my sidebar. Melissa's is very cute. So if you're on blogger, how about following my blog? It'll raise my self-esteem.

* Besides important things like blogging (me) and watching football (Dr. H.), the focus of today is to get Duncan riding his bike. He's got 4 more days until the next Cub Scout meeting, at which they are to learn bike safety. The problem is, Duncan has this mental block about riding a bike. Nothing traumatic has ever happened to him; he's just kind of… afraid. He's always been satisfied just to run after his sister or his friends as they ride bikes. He got some good practice sessions in last week and conquered a bit of that fear, but hopefully today will be the day he actually takes off… Got a bike-riding tip? Let me know!


  1. Well, I do follow your blog, and I do have a blogger account, but I do all of my blogging these days at homeschoolblogger. Someday I may move back to blogger, as it is much quicker and more user friendly.

    But I really do love your blog!

  2. Rylan was very nervous at first....last Sept when he was getting set for no training wheels we put the seat way his feet could touch the ground easily then had him coast down our driveway (very slight decline) no pedals. Just getting used to the balance. Then a few times up and down with me holding him up and randomly letting go to show him he could do it, but i could still catch. Ultimately it was the bribe of washing the house with the pressure washer Paul was using at the time that got him on his own.Went from scared to complete pro in about 5 seconds.


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