Friday, September 26, 2008

Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Look what I did today:

See that bench? See that book? That's the book I read while sitting on the bench (all by myself) by the quiet pond. I love those little surprise packages that God tosses our way just when we really need them.

Today I had over an hour of unexpected alone-time. I took my kids to a half-day outdoor workshop at a local camp. Duncan's group was doing stream ecology, and Laurel's group was doing a 2.5 mile hike to learn wilderness survival. My initial plan was to go on the hike with Laurel's group. But it quickly became apparent that I didn't really need to go on the hike. There were a couple other adults along with the guide, the girls were happily chattering away— and there was this bench by the pond looking so inviting. And at the last minute before we'd left home, I had stuck in a book, just in case.

I went with the bench. And so for an hour and a half, I listened to birds singing, crickets chirping, and the faraway voices of 100 kids coming through the woods.

I even looked up from my book every now and then.

I was really running ragged before I left for the camp this morning. It was one of those "what was I thinking when I signed us up for this?" days. I had a group of American Heritage Girls meeting at my house as soon as I got home; I should have been home preparing. I had company coming in this evening; I should have been at home cleaning. I packed the kids a pitiful lunch of brownies, water, and pretzels (really), and I was 8 minutes late.

This afternoon I'm relaxed and breathing deeply. The kids had a fantastic time exploring and hiking, and we are all feeling content.

A few hours in a beautiful place is amazingly rejuvenating.


  1. Sounds wonderful. And a brownie and pretzel lunch now and then never hurt anyone!

  2. what a lovely day! glad you had some time to enjoy it. what book i wonder?

  3. How wonderful! it's so nice when our kids are old enough we don't always have to attend everything with them! I'm happy for you and your quiet time!

  4. Yeah, I agree with Marbel. Brownie's and pretzels for lunch once in a while won't hurt.

    And I'm happy for you that you had such a refreshing morning.

  5. Oh my, what a beautiful, relaxing day you had! I need moments like these. Your kids had some great classes to attend as well. I need to be more like you and learn to "not" attend every function my kids are involved in. My husband says I have a habit of assuming they can't do it without me.

  6. Sometimes that hour of peace is better than a night's sleep! I know I enjoy those moments of solitude, all too rarely.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon. And it looks like a beautiful place! I'm envious...

  8. That's awesome!

    I left a follow-up comment to the one you left me. :) Thanks!


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