Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Three Beautiful Things: Pies, Good Husband, Good Book

1. The first apple pie of fall, made with Yellow Transparents from my brother Stephen's orchard, Liberty from my brother John's orchard, and a Gala or two from the supermarket. I also made a pear tart with Potomac pears from John's trees. It was all so perfect on this almost-chilly September evening.

2. Dr. H. did all the dinner clean-up and played board games with the kids tonight while I was a total lazy bum and ...

3. I finished a book in less than 24 hours. That never happens to me in real life, only when I'm traveling. I'm a fast and prolific reader, but I rarely finish a book in less than a week. But I had one of those books that was so easy and fun to read, and I read late into the night, during Laurel's flute lesson, and after supper this evening. That was a treat for me.

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  1. The pies sound YUMMY! and the husband cleaning up from dinner sounds nice, too


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