Saturday, September 6, 2008

Three Beautiful Things: Clean, Home, Meet

1. Clean
I worked hard today. See, I'm in the middle of this long process. You all know how it goes. In order for one room to be clean, another room must first be cleaned. In order for such and such room to be rearranged, another must first be cleaned and rearranged. And on and on it goes. Duncan's room was part of the chain of cleaning/rearranging. Because we moved bunk beds into his room and took out anothe pieces of furniture, his room has been trashed for over a week. Today I spent a few hours in his room without breaking out in hives, organizing, cleaning, and tossing out trash. Now the Legos are in the Lego box, the guys are in the guy box, and the cars are in the car box. Same with Rescue Heroes, critters, crayons, musical instruments, blocks, train set, race car set, weapons and tools, dress-up clothes, etc. Duncan even put together puzzles to see which ones had pieces missing. And the result: a clean, well-organized room. Next weekend, my goal is to actually paint his room. Now that will be a beautiful accomplishment!

2. Home
We got in the car today at 5 p.m. to run out for a quick errand, and I realized that we didn't go anywhere all day yesterday! So for close to 48 hours, the kids and I didn't leave the house. I needed that. But we had a good week and seem to have settled into our new year with remarkable ease. I keep waiting for things to get hectic. Next week we add back in our Monday enrichment classes and our bi-weekly American Heritage Girls/Cub Scout afternoons, so we'll see if I'm still relaxed next weekend...

3. Meet-and-Greet
We had our support group's annual Meet-and-Greet two nights ago. I love this event. It is so lovely to meet new homeschoolers, all eager and anxious. I enjoyed hearing their stories and catching a bit of their enthusiasm. It is weird to be among the relative old-timers now, as we begin our 9th year. I remember being at my first Moms' Night Out and being amazed at the women who'd been homeschooling for nine or 10 years!


  1. Sounds like the Meet-and-Greet went well! I always get funny looks at those events with new homeschoolers, LOL.

    Cleaning is a huge domino effect job.

  2. I LOVE cleaning up after midnight mice, cockroaches, rain flies, panic ants and other assorted bugs, especially when the floor is concrete with peeling paint.
    I LOVE it. (underlined three times)

  3. Definitely beautiful things! I love the cleaning part!

  4. how could i have fallen off?:) i'm glad i'm back and you're back and you're leaving nice comments again. yes, my husband has a hard time keeping his mouth shut. especially in areas of injustice:).

    my boys desperately want their room re-organized and re-painted. i'm scared of the task. it seems like it should wait for a nice wintry day!

  5. oh....on an old blog a long time ago i wrote about the sexiness of seeing your husband clean the toliet. when i relayed to him my thankfulness and my absolute joy over the fact the he was cleaning the toliet, he told me that someone had to. it's really not my favorite thing to do....


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