Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Memory: Foothills Parkway

We've taken the hike to the observation tower countless times in the 8 years we've lived here, but this is one of the most memorable. It was 2002. Duncan was still in the stroller. This was supposed to be a Cub Scout pack hike, but we were the only family that showed up. (We pretty much had to, since Randy was the Cubmaster.) We didn't care, though. Our kids have always been great hikers, and this is about the easiest hike there is, with the best reward at the end. (See what I mean here!)

That seems like such a long time ago. I can hardly bear looking at those sweet little faces, confirming that what all those older women always said is really true: "Cherish them now because they grow up so quickly."


(On a lighter note, I've been nominated for Best Variety Blog at the Homeschool Blog Awards. I'm sure I have a great chance at winning against the extremely popular Heart of the Matter Online and all the other great personal blogs, but I'd love your vote anyway!)


  1. I love your blog...I voted for you!

  2. Oh what beautiful pictures!! How awesome! :)

    Thanks for the comment, too! We are SO excited! and yes, Jen makes the best aunt ever!

  3. Hi
    I've been lurking here for a while, well weeks actually, so I thought I'd better say hi, and I've voted for you too, your blog is great I love reading it.

  4. Great photos. :) I am envious of the view you have so close to you. We have some nice ones around, but we have to travel a bit further to get to them!

  5. I cant attest to the fact that kids grow up fast. Its just amazing. Okay I'll go vote for you!!

  6. I voted for you with great enthusiasm as I hit the keyboard. :)

    I really do love your blog. It is one I never miss. :)


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