Saturday, November 15, 2008

Three Beautiful Things: Cheesy, Chili, Kitty

1. High School Musical 3.
Yes, it's hokey, but what a joy for my friend and I to take our two very patient daughters to finally see HSM3. There is just something timeless about watching preteen girls enraptured by all that singing, dancing, and sweetness.

2. Supper with Mom and Dad. I so love having my parents live here. I love that they come over for Saturday night chili on the spur of the moment, bearing a cream pie and a basket of laundry. (They should be getting a washer and dryer this week.)

3. The new kitty. I'm really a cat person, although we have the most faithful dog in the world, and I just love having this new little kitty curled on my lap. And there is not much sweeter than a little girl with her heart's desire sleeping next to her on the couch.

What's beautiful in your life this weekend?


  1. Those all sound so beautiful! Here's three things from me:
    1. My 5 year old daughter making me cut-out paper designs
    2. A cracking fire to keep the living room cozy
    3. A new dresser my husband just fixed for me (not really new, just finally usable!)
    Blessings for a special weekend.

  2. 1. Having my husband home again after a week away.

    2. Watching HSM3 with my 10yo for the second time (while the men of the family took in the latest Bond flick).

    3. Friends who listen.

  3. Yeah!! so glad you went to see HSM3!! three things...
    1. My Elisa's birthday and the look on her face with each gift...
    2. Caleb making a banner and taping it to one of his chairs so she would have a special "birthday seat" where whe could open her presents...
    3.Hearing Bekah in the bathroom say,"I Love you, E" and Elisa saying it back....
    ok...I must go blog these now...I am tearing up...

  4. oooooohhhh... a warm, little, curled-up kitty!!

  5. 1. Taking the 2-year-old to the movies for the first time. (Even though he didn't make it very long!)
    2. Using our newly fixed fireplace.
    3. Seeing my daughter's excitement about writing a report on Mars.
    4. Reading a good book.


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