Sunday, November 30, 2008

The End of November

Today is the epitome of a November day: gray, drizzling, sleepy, and sniffling. I awoke at 8:15, hoping the clock actually said 6:15. Everyone else was still asleep, and I strongly suspected that we would not make it to church this morning. Randy went to bed sneezing and wheezing and was just as miserable this morning, so we opted to stay home. Randy's mom and her husband had spent the night at our place on their way back up to Indiana after a Thanksgiving trip to Charlotte, so we got to spend a leisurely morning with them. She was wheezing and sniffling, as well. I think they all need to stay far away from me.

I drove up to Johnson City (2 hours from here) to visit my friend Tracy this weekend. Her husband was on his annual hunting trip and her son was with a friend, so we enjoyed a girls' weekend, complete with spinach pizza, a chick flick, and, of course, the obligatory stops at Target and TJ Maxx. Tracy's little daughter Savannah is simply fabulous. I should have packed her up in my suitcase and put her under the Christmas tree for Laurel.

When we get a Christmas tree, that is. Next weekend would be our usual Christmas-tree-chopping-down day, but Laurel is in a production of A Christmas Carol all weekend. Really, I should be showering and preparing for this afternoon's all-day dress rehearsal, but somehow I just can't make myself be productive yet today.

This cold, drizzling, gray November day. I'm ready for December—what about you?


  1. Sounds like a little bit of CO in TN, or vice versa. :) We are grey, cold, snowy today. Great day to stay in (and stay away from sniffling parties). Your girl's night sounds wonderful! Mmmm, spinach pizza! And, TJ Maxx at that!

    Thank you for your comments, you're such a dear!

  2. Oh, I had one of those days too - except my clock said 10:15!! I can hardly believe I slept that long. I guess we all needed it.
    We are grey today also, but snow instead of rain. It's only 3:15 and the sun has already set.
    The chick flick and spinach pizza sound sublime :)

  3. We had an extremely grey and drizzly day too, and I was wheezy and sneezy, so we stayed home. I made homemade chili and we watched football all day after doing Sunday school together this morning. It was very nice, but I am ready for some sun now- or at least a little snow!

  4. yep November is so yesterday! LOL
    I am really feeling Christmas already!
    Glad you had a good time with your friend. We all need those times.

  5. I am finding it a bit weird to be enjoying the start of summer, it does not feel like the run up to Christmas, no snow, adverts for panto, rain, more rain, nope not right at all, you can tell I am in thr wrong hemisphere can't you? I also enjoyed your run down on Thanksgiving, not something I have ever been a part of but sounds lovely.

  6. we traveled all day from atlanta to cincinnati in the yucky rain. it was worth it..we had lots of fun!

    in regards to my last post, i worked at the parson's table in jonesboro. my buddy was kurt hagedorn and he (i think you know this) was in brian and the nightmares. he was the salad prep guy and i waited tables in a really hideous uniform:). he was going to ETSU for nursing. it's a part of life i sometimes forget about because it was the "in between" time AND it was not that long. it's was lots of fun, however....did you guys live in johnson city then? how come our paths just did not cross much???


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