Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Three Beautiful Things: Check, Paperwork, Heat

1. Big Check. No, not the kind that goes in the bank. That would be a beautiful thing, too. Whenever Randy or I finish something big, we look at each other and say "Check!" while drawing a giant checkmark in the air. We are big nerds, but we like each other that way. Anyway, last night was our Fall Awards Ceremony for American Heritage Girls. It involves all kinds of preparation starting several weeks ago, when we had to collect badge orders and then order badges, all the way through making the Joining Award lapbooks, to planning the actual ceremony itself. And, of course, carrying out the ceremony. I really can't explain the relief that Caroline and I feel when we've finished an awards ceremony and all the flurry of activity that precedes it. Big, big check.

2. Miscellaneous paperwork–check. I despise paperwork. I truly find it bordering on painful, and yet I continue to organize things that involve paperwork. In my ideal life, all forms could be submitted via the internet. But the reality is that we are still a paper, stamp, and envelope society. I'm sure there are good things about that, but whatever. These past few days I've completed and mailed nearly all of the forms and letters that have been piling up in a shocking way. Tomorrow, the bills.

3. Heat. My parents have heat finally. Oh, this is such a long and gruesome story, but to shorten it: when they moved into their new house a month ago, they discovered that the furnace was shot. For the past two weeks they've been told daily "we'll be there tomorrow" but the furnace repairmen. And every day has passed with no sign of them (and they have to use these guys, since the seller has to pay for most of the furnace replacement). Not necessary a huge crisis in Tennessee in autumn, but this past week has been downright cold. Thankfully, today—the coldest day yet—was the magic day. Within just a couple of hours, my parents had heat. And that is a beautiful thing!

What beautiful things are happening in your world today?


  1. I also finally have heat, after almost 2 months of getting it "fixed" repeatedly! It's a good thing, since it's freezing cold here and we had a big snowfall today.

  2. I do believe the big nerds saying, "Big Check" is my favorite thing I've read all day. (Other than my Bible, of course.)

  3. Praise God your folks have heat! Yay!!!

    Ron and I are big nerds, too. It's all good, nerds unite.


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