Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Memory: Little Sister, Little Brother

We have a screensaver on our kitchen computer that is a continuous slideshow of our life. Photos of the kids, friends, and family flash across the screen. Duncan is particularly fascinated with the old photos. He'll sit in the computer chair and comment on every one that passes by: "Aww, that's baby me." "Aww, look at that giant snowman that we made."

This one popped up today as I was getting breakfast ready for him, and we cracked up at his haircut. I can distinctly remember butchering his hair like that, and having to admit to someone at church, when she asked, "Did big sister give you a hair cut?" that um, no, it was his Mama. Hair cutting has never been one of my talents.

I love Laurel's hair in braids like that. She didn't let me "do" her hair very often. And that little nightie that she's wearing! When she started wearing that it came to her ankles, and I believe she wore that until it came up to mid-thigh years later.

But what I really love is the looks on both their faces. She loved being a big sister to a baby brother, and he adored her. Now at nearly 13 and 9.5, they get along really very well for the most part. Every now and then Laurel will even play Legos with Duncan. But mostly they do their own thing, Laurel entering into the world of teen interests and Duncan still thoroughly immersed in boyhood.

Take a journey through some of your pictures and see what memories you'll find there. If you write a Monday Memory post, please leave me a comment so I can visit!


  1. Oh the world of a teenager. We have a 13 year old girl too! It's interesting!

  2. What a sweet photo and memory. I love taking pictures of my lil' guy because all too soon he'll be a teenager! I posted a Monday memory on my blog. Just wanted to let you know! Thanks for the inspiration. God bless!


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