Thursday, June 10, 2010

30 Things I Vow to Do This Summer

1. Paint the guest bathroom.
2. Move Duncan's room upstairs.
3. Turn Duncan's current room into an office.
4. Go sailing with my brother.
5. Go camping at least twice.
6. Hike weekly.
7. Clean the sun porch.
8. Buy a cover for the light switch in the dining room.
9. Put pictures up on the walls of the dining room.
10. Exercise 4 times/week.
11. Go to the pool regularly.
12. Wear sunscreen.
13. Weed the flowerbeds.
14. Keep all the plants living.
15. Prune the jungle at the side of the house.
16. Prune the jungle in the back of the house.
17. Prune the jungle at the front of the house.
18. Sit around and chat with friends.
19. Have people over for dinner.
20. Play kickball.
21. Play croquet.
22. Plan AHG for next year.
23. Make a photo album of Jesse's senior year.
24. Have girls over to do AHG badges.
25. Sit on the bench in the evenings with Dr. H.
26. Do co-op lesson plans for next semester.
27. Do lesson plans for my kids for next year.
28. Finish grading essays from this past semester.
29. Visit my parents every day.
30. Enjoy my oldest before he goes off to college.

What's on your agenda for the summer?

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  1. You and I must have been thinking alike. "Swim more" was one of mine. :)

    Clicking thru from Mama Kat's...

  2. Wow. Are you sure one summer is going to be enough for all of that? :)

  3. Girl, you are wearing me out! Here's my summer list;
    I'm not cool enough to make it a hyperlink. Sorry!

  4. Ahh, some good ideas! My husband and I were just listing all the things we wanted to get done this summer. :-)

  5. I am definitely NOT going to really be able to do this all in one summer! But I can always live with expectation, right?

  6. you should probably at least be able to get #8 done. and maybe 18 & 25.

    i think my goal is going to be to get the winter clothes put away by mid-july.

    oh, word verif is "dismali"... for whatever that means to you!

  7. Exercise more. :) Thanks for visiting my blog. Stop by again anytime.


  8. I like #14. ;-) I liked your list. I should do something similar. Summer seems to slip by before I realize it and then nothing is done that I want done.


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