Monday, June 14, 2010

On the Menu

This week a college friend posted a link to a Food Network recipe that looked delicious (thanks, Angie!), and I ended up getting all my menu items from there. Between Food Network, Pioneer Woman and her Tasty Kitchen, Rachael Ray, and then weekly idea blogs like Menu Plan Monday and Tasty Tuesday, I should never have an excuse for wondering what's for supper. But I still do. Some days we end up ordering pizza or eating fish sticks. Lame.

But I'm excited about what's coming up this week, thanks to the Food Network and its various contributors:

Grilled Chicken Pitas
Margarita Chicken Skewers
Black and Blue Burgers
Bacon and Tomato Pasta

Tonight we're having salmon, for my nearly vegetarian (fish only) son who is returning from a 4-day music festival at which he's been eating little but granola bars and peanut butter.

Next week the kids have Vacation Bible School all week—which includes supper each night— so I may not cook at all. Or we may eat things they hate all week, like smoked salmon, tofu, and big salads. We know how to live around here!

Linked up with Tasty Tuesdays and Menu Plan Monday.


  1. Oh, bacon pasta? I have never heard of that, but it sounds FABULOUS!

    Down here in South Alabama, I am always looking for meals that don't make my kitchen hot! It is hot enough without stove and oven running for a few hours. LOL!

    I have a pretty easy menu this week, too since I have 3 giveaways going at my blog and tons of housework to catch up on. Who has time to cook?

  2. Oh, can I PLEASE come over and eat at your house? I won't bring the rest of my family... :0)


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