Welcome to SmallWorld's WordSmithery! I've mentioned before that creative writing is one of those areas in which parents struggle teaching. I love teaching creative writing. I often teach this class at our support group's weekly enrichment classes, and I love most of all getting students in my class who come with this caveat from mom: "He hates writing. He doesn't want to be in this class." Almost without fail (I can think of only a couple of kids who were immune to my charms), that I-hate-writing kid becomes hooked.

Here on the WordSmithery I share some exercises for teaching creative writing at home for all ages. I said all ages. Yep, that is one of the key factors here. You, the parent, must also participate. Writers need to share, and a workshop format works best. Trust me.

The assignments will be given each week, and it's probably best to follow in order. Join in anytime, but be sure to look on the sidebar for consecutive lessons.

So here we go with Assignment #1:
Buy a writing journal for each person. You really should make this an exciting event. Let your kids pick out a special spiral-bound notebook, an actual hardback journal, or let them make their own. One easy way to personalize a journal is to buy a composition notebook like the one in the photo and decorate the front and back with scrapbooking paper, photos, magazine cut-outs, etc. You can use Modge Podge or just a gluestick. Don't forget to make yourself a journal, too.

That's it! Next week, we'll start finding words to put in the journal.

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Got something to share? We love to read what your students have written! Please share their writing here at the Share Your Writing space, or leave a comment and link back to a post on your blog.