Yes, we are some of those freaks of nature who choose to educate our children at home. Mostly. With a lot of help from our friends, family, and support group. I blog a lot about homeschooling because, well, it's a huge part of my life. Below are categories of posts on a bunch of topics, from my own philosophizing on homeschooling issues to loads of free lessons. Each link will take you to a separate post on that topic.

I'm always adding to this, so please come back and visit.

Burying the Big Yellow Bus (a Simple Homeschool post)
What I've Learned from the Kids
Stepping Outside the Grade-Level Box 
All my posts on Simple Homeschool  
10 Pieces of Advice for All Homeschoolers, Old and New
Top 10 Questions People Ask Me (and the posts that answer them)

Most Popular Homeschooling Posts
The Ultimate Guide to Creative Writing Resources 
WordSmithery Creative Writing Lessons
100 Not-Boring Writing Prompts for Middle and High Schoolers 
Kingergarten: What To Do
Teaching Creative Writing
Lapbooking Resources
Series: What College Profs Wish Freshmen Knew 
What to Do with the Little Ones While You're Homeschooling

Curriculum and Book Reviews
Curriculum Review: Usborne's I Can Draw Series
Curriculum Review: First Language Lessons
Favorite Family Games
Kingergarten: What To Do
My Favorite Curriculum
Top Secret Adventure and Which Way U.S.A
Studying Art
Top 10 Family Read-Alouds

Homeschooling Issues 
Are Homeschoolers Difficult?
Boxing Them In
Let's Call a Truce!
Platitudes and Misconceptions: I'm a Better Mom Because…
Platitudes and MIsconceptions: Why Aren't You Using Your Degree?
Pondering the New Faces of Homeschooling and Otherness
To Test or Not to Test?
Doing a Good Job: Nobody Asked Me
The Magic Wand
Vision Statements
Kindergarten, In Other Words
Approaching Homeschooling: Advice from the Little Blue Engine
Understood Betsy Understands Homeschooling
Homeschooling Socialization for the Shy Ones

Lapbooking Resources: Start here if you're new to lapbooking, and check out the comments for more links!
Lapbook Insanity
Revolutionary War 

Language Arts Helps

Favorite Grammar Resources
The Ultimate Guide to Creative Writing Resources
100 Not-Boring Writing Prompts for Middle and High Schoolers
More Grammar Resources
Making Good Writers
Teaching Creative Writing
The Five Paragraph Essay
Using Prepositions Correctly
Curriculum Review: First Language Lessons
Reading Poetry with Children 
Having Fun with Grammar (Homeschool Classroom post)
Starting a Literature Circle: Part 1 and Part 2  (Homeschool Classroom post)
SmallWorld's WordSmithery (free creative writing lessons) 
Teaching Macbeth: Book Covers and Poetry Project
 Teaching The Book Thief: Repurposed Page Project
Ultimate Guide to Creative Writing Resources for Students
Making Books in Your Homeschool

Nuts and Bolts
How We Got Started
Why We Homeschool: The Practical Version
Why We Homeschool: The Intangible Version
The Whole Shebang: How, Why, Where, and With What in SmallWorld
The Deliciousness of Homeschooling
Underachiever, or Keeping Up with the Homeschooling Joneses
Organization, My Way
To Test or Not to Test
Study Spots
What I've Learned from the Kids
A Day in the Life (Simple Homeschool post)
10 Reasons Grads Liked Being Homeschooled
My Top 10 Must-Have Items for Homeschooling
My Top 10 Favorite Website for Homeschooling
Series: What College Profs Wish Freshmen Knew 

Support Group Support
 Support Group Leaders Need Your Support
Planning a Homeschooling 101
Have You Hugged Your Support Group Leader Today?
Our Support Group in the Local News
Yes, Some of Us Do Need Support Groups
Something Nice Happened Yesterday 

Tricks of the Trade
 Combating the January Blahs
Educational Freebie Sites
Favorite Family Games
Kindergarten: What To Do
Mystery Folders: Encouraging Independent Work
Our Allowance System
Organization, My Way
The Road to Independence, Part 1
What to Do with the Little Ones While You're Homeschooling 
Transitioning Into the Big Kid Years (Simple Homeschool post)
The Big Box of Books
 Ways for Kids to Earn Money Around the House
Making Community Service Part of Your Homeschool
Series: What College Profs Wish Freshmen Knew  

Unit Studies
Celebrating Autumn
Lewis and Clark
The Titanic
American History, Year One
American History, Year Two
U.S. Geography
Black History Month