Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Memory: Thanksgiving Pie

I have always made the pies for Thanksgiving, no matter where we go. I make good pies. I watched my mother make pie crusts hundreds of times as a child, and it is a process I love.

This is Randy in 1991, our third Thanksgiving married. No, he is not 16, and see--he really did have long hair! Actually, this was after his haircut in the summer of 1991, right after he graduated from East Tennessee State University and before we moved to Oxford, Ohio, for graduate school at Miami University. His hair had been much longer.

Here we were coming home from Thanksgiving at Randy's parents' home. They lived just 20 minutes away in Cincinnati. At this time, Grandpa was also still in the pie-making business, so he would have made a cherry pie; I would have made a pumpkin and an apple. Looks like we are taking home the left-overs. In later years I reverted back to making my own whipped cream, but for awhile there we thought Cool Whip sufficed.

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