Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

It's Weekly Wrap-up time at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. This has been a weird but very social week here in SmallWorld.

On Monday, we went to the pool for the first time this summer. I completely forgot that Duncan began Cub Scout Twilight Camp that evening; fortunately, Donna reminded me when she called to figure out carpooling. And that's all I remember about Monday.

On Tuesday, we went to the pool again. This time we stayed a bit too long and got a little fried. But I got to chat a long time with my friend Julie, who had been out of town for awhile. I made something delicious for supper, but I don't remember what.

On Wednesday, we did not go to the pool. I have no idea what we did. I think I planted some flowers and pulled some weeds. I probably did a lot of laundry.

On Thursday, Jesse left at 8 a.m. for Philmont Boy Scout Ranch in New Mexico. If you know anything about Boy Scouts, you know that Philmont is the pinnacle event of the scouting experience. The group put their reservation in two years ago, and at last, their trip begins. And that's why I can't remember anything except the pool about Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: our entire lives have basically been consumed by Preparing for Philmont for the last week. And now he's gone for an amazing 12-day adventure, plus 4 days of driving there and back. Maybe I can remember some stuff now. Yeah, and on Thursday, we went to the pool after Laurel's flute lesson. We were there for 20 minutes and then a huge storm hit, so we can home. It's lovely to live a minute from the pool.

On Friday, surprise! We went to the pool. We had loads of fun and stayed way too long, but it was worth it. Duncan and I also planted a bunch of flowers today. We're headed out now to the closing ceremonies for Cub Scout camp, which will include a bonfire.

And so there you have our first full week of summer vacation. I think we spent it appropriately: a lot of pool time, packing and departing on a very big trip, Cub Scout camp, sleeping late, and planting flowers.

How was your week?


  1. Sounds like a great first week of break. I'm not yet brave enough to take four little non-swimming kids to the pool by myself, but the pool does sound fun. Monday, we bought 5 chicks :) :)! I don't remember Tuesday - we probably just played with the chicks. Wednesday, I did laundry the entire day. Today, we discovered downtown Knoxville (after living here 6 years). Pretty neat.

  2. Sounds like you like the pool more than I do...not more than my *kids*, of course. ;-) Once a week is plenty for me. It's so relaxing while I'm there, though.

    Congrats to your ds on his momentous scouting trip. I bet he's going to have a blast!

  3. Oh the pool sounds good!! I don't think that there is an outdoor pool here in North Pole. It would be an ice skating rink most of the year. It's just not the same going to an indoor pool in the summer - not very refreshing :(

    I'll have to settle for the kiddie pool in the backyard for now. I don't want to supervise that many non-swimmers anyway!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sounds like a great week. What a great adventure your son will have!!

    I see you have a book blog, I do too. I'm going to go check yours out.

  5. Lots of time at the pool- sounds like a good week to me. I had a hard time remembering the first part of the week too- funny how that happens. :)

  6. We spent a large portion of the week at the pool too, but it was all swim practice and meets. Maybe it wasn't as relaxing as your pool trips?

    We also spent a large portion of the week in the garden. I am going to pick my first yellow "patti-pan" squash for lunch today. Summer has officially arrived when we get the first squash, cucumber or tomato.


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