Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In Search of the Perfect Math Program


Our homeschooling support group hosts a “curriculum show-and-tell” session annually. This is an opportunity for members to examine all kinds of materials that other homeschoolers use without the pressure of sales. (Here is an example of a curriculum show and tell.)

It never fails. The number one question that is asked from table to table: “What math program should I use?” Parents prowl around the room, picking up one book and quizzing its owner, and then head over to the next table in search of perfect math curriculum, as if it waits just beyond the horizon with a gold sticker proclaiming “The Best Math Book EVER!”

I am not a “math person,” but after 11 years of homeschooling, I think I am qualified to give opinions on math programs. I’ve been in the math trenches. I have three kids, and over our 11 years of homeschooling we’ve used …

{Come on over to The Homeschool Classroom to read the rest of my article about how math works for us!}

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