Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pie in the Face

This is just one of the hundreds of reasons that I love my husband.

Last night at the pack meeting, he let 20 Cub Scouts throw whipped cream pies in his face. Of course, 6-10 year old boys don't just throw: they smear, rub, and wallop. He had a pie down his back and two down his front.
And he smiled the whole time.

You know what else he did? As is well known in the scouting circle, it is always the Cubmaster/Scoutmaster's kid who doesn't have time to work on badges at home, or, in this case, who doesn't sell enough popcorn to get to throw a pie. So this time Randy bought extra popcorn so that Duncan could have the privilege of pie smearing.

I love this man.


  1. It looks like he had as much fun as the kids. :)

  2. Holy Cow- that took guts.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  3. nice to take the time to celebrate the one we love.

  4. Chad and I kept saying what a good sport he is! Love what he did for Duncan! So sweet!

  5. Fantastic! My husband did that many years ago at a church picnic and the kids still talk about it. Talk about making great memories! Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah!


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