Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My best dozen pieces of homeschooling advice

Our support group’s annual Homeschooling 101 is coming up soon, and I’ve been putting together notes and packets in preparation for my presentation.

I love looking out at the audience and seeing so many people; and whether their faces are eager, apprehensive, confused, or even terrified, they all have this in common: they desperately want to do the best for their children. Some of them will find out that homeschooling is the absolute best choice they can make; others will pursue different avenues.

Invariably, sometime during the session, the question comes in some form:

what piece of advice would you give a newbie?

Come on over to Simple Homeschool today for my best dozen pieces of advice!


  1. On My way to read now !!!!!!!

  2. I tried to post over at Simple Homeschool but was unable to for some reason. Thank you so much for the advice, and reminders. I would offer two pieces of advice to the homeschooling newbie, 1) learn outside the box, sometimes games are the very best way to learn pressure, just fun! (We like Learning Games for Kids) 2) having a support network will save your sanity, warm your heart, and bolster your stamina on your homeschooling journey!


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