Friday, April 10, 2015

It's April {and that means we're nearly done}

Aaaah. It's so beautiful here in the South. Everything is blooming now or just about to: the dogwoods, redbuds, phlox, lilacs, bleeding hearts, tulips. There's something new nearly every day.

I finished teaching the last novel in both of my literature classes at co-op. For my juniors and seniors, it was the last novel I'll teach them. Ever. And I'm so glad I got to end with The Great Gatsby, which has always been one of my favorite books ever. We're not done with classes yet this year, but the next three weeks will be devoted to various projects.

On the home front, we've been getting things in order for Laurel's graduation. We have her invitations now and are finishing preparing pictures to send in for the senior slide show. This afternoon we have one last photo shoot; this one will be with her and her four best girlfriends who are graduating too. Prom is coming up in a couple of weeks, and then we'll have just one last class at co-op, and she'll have two weeks left of German class at Maryville College. As soon as finals are done, Laurel and I are going to NYC for a week with her boyfriend, who is also graduating, and his mom! We'll get home just a couple of days before graduation, so we have to get everything ready before that.

Duncan is finishing up the last weeks of his classes, too. All of his classes will wrap up the last week of April, and we'll spend our remaining days in May focusing entirely on history. I think he's had a good freshman year in high school. He'd still much rather play video games and run around outside than do schoolwork, but he's developed a rhythm to his days that works well. A little work, a little play.

And I'm adjusting slowly to what will be the next stage of my life: one child left behind. I can't think too much about how they went from this

to this

I just can't.

Soak it up, mamas of little ones. Enjoy those days of sweet kisses and sticky hands. Put down your laptops and read them a story. Kiss the tops of their sweaty heads and fix them pancakes for breakfast. Smell them. Touch them. Squeeze them tight.

And take lots and lots of pictures.

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  1. Such perfect advice for moms of little ones! I am going through the same "phase of life" as you, Sarah, and I share your disbelief of how quickly our time with our children passes. May we both relish the phase we're in now...I imagine in 10 years we'll go through an equally bittersweet time of transition once more. Blessings!

  2. My daughter just finished The Great Gatsby for her literature class as well. She loved it too! Lots of great literature this year was read by that class. Her favorites were The Outsiders, To Kill a Mockingbird, Animal Farm, and The Great Gatsby. I couldn't agree more about your advice. We only have two more years and I'm already dreading the graduation.


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