Saturday, June 25, 2016

June Happenings

Summer's in full swing, but we're not having many lazy days of summer. I've finally finished grading research papers and journals for my literature class students, but this is going to be one of those years that school goes on and on for Duncan. When he's not off on one of his camps, he and his friend will be doing algebra 2 with a tutor three times each week. They were both doing an online class that just didn't work out. They got through one semester of it, but we decided they just weren't really grasping math in this way and needed more real-person time. Their former math teacher (BLESS HER!) volunteered to tutor them, even agreeing to work around all of their camps and vacations. Phew.

Duncan's first camp wasn't really a camp: he spent a solid week, full days, at Drive 4 Life Academy, learning the ropes of driving. At the end of the week, he had 30 hours of classroom time and his permit!

He still has six months until he can get his license, so he'll get plenty of practice time in. I guess I won't be needing our minivan too much longer. It's hard to believe the days of driving around a vanload of kids are coming to an end.

Duncan's next adventure was a week at Summit Bechtel Scout Boy Scout Reserve in West Virginia with his Boy Scout troop. And as Scoutmaster, this was Randy's grand summer adventure, too. They had an adventure-packed week, including rock climbing, whitewater rafting, zip-lining, ropes course, shooting, archery, mountain biking, BMX biking, and skateboarding. The boys (and dads) all had an incredible time, although one boy did break his arm and another got a concussion,

Duncan now has the Triple Crown  (Philmont, Sea Base, and Summit) and Randy has the Grand Slam (those three plus Northern Tier) of Boy Scout National High Adventure. Boy Scouting really has been such an incredible opportunity in the lives of Randy and both of our boys. Experiences like this are truly life shaping!

Duncan's been home this past week, catching up on lawn mowing and algebra 2. He heads to church camp for a week on Monday and then almost immediately to Boy Scout camp when he returns.

Laurel's been working very full days so far this month. She's a nanny/driver for a family, taking the kids to various lessons and activities. Her days have been long (7 a.m.-6 p.m.) but she's making good money for her upcoming semester abroad. She's actually off for the next couple of weeks, so I look forward to spending some time with her. She only has 10 weeks left before she heads to Vienna for the fall, and I know the time will go fast. She's also preparing to help teach a psychology seminar in July for a group of high schoolers—something that will not only be fun but will look great on her resumé.

And that's about all that's been going on around here. I'm enjoying the birds and the flowerbeds, doing some projects around the house, enjoying morning walks with friends and sometimes special evenings like swimming under a full moon.

Hope you're having a lovely summer too.

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  1. So many similarities in our lives - having kids of similar ages will do that I guess! Algebra 2 is not going so well here either. It seems unlikely to ever be a strength and I'm (trying to be) okay with that since I can't see her going into a field where she will need it. My youngest is counting down until her 16th birthday in November. Then, once she passes the theory test, she'll be able to drive as well (although for the first six months she will need me in the passenger's seat then, after passing a practical test, she'll be able to drive alone but to after 10pm and not with any passengers). I'm so looking forward to being done with teaching them to drive - not my favourite part of parenting at all. My older daughter (21) is currently on a working holiday in the UK. Austria is one of the places she is looking forward to visiting.

    1. Teaching driving has not been my favorite thing either, which is why we did the driver's ed class for our youngest! My older two really are great drivers, but somehow I lost the nerve this time around!

  2. I feel the same way about Pre-Calc, Java 2 (taken in online college classes) and Japanese (taken online but can't fit Japanese 2 in schedule). I had to hire private tutors for my daughter for all of these subjects. It has proven to be wonderful!! So much so, I am investing in one for my son when he starts back online courses this coming year with Landry.


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