Friday, June 23, 2017

Oh, June

Oh, June! What a month. Wild weather, brand new things, project finishing, and space to breathe. It's been a fast but fabulous month. Well, except for that wild weather.

Oh, stormy weather! We've had some crazy weather this month. Some kind of "microburst" hit our county, and our neighborhood had trees down all over the place. We amazingly didn't have any down, but my parents had a couple. That's my Dad with the chainsaw while Duncan and Randy clear branches away. {Don't tell him he's 92.} Did I mention our internet was out for 10 LONG DAYS? Ten.

 Oh, so lovely! Laurel's best friend, the daughter of one of my best friends, got married at the beginning of the month. Laurel was, of course, her maid of honor and a spectacular one at that.

These two girls, best friends since kindergarten.
Laurel and her boyfriend, Hunter

All of us moms with the mother-of-the-bride, our Caroline, next to me

First dance

It was a beautiful wedding, and I didn't even cry until I hugged Bess. Laurel gave a spectacular maid-of-honor speech, with is no small feat to a crowd of 250 people. Sometimes it's hard to absorb that this next phase of our life is here: the marrying years. I try not to think about it too much, about little girls dressing up and playing baby dolls and then just getting married. It's too much.

Ah, June brings, after weddings and weather, some space to breathe. While Laurel was taking a summer college algebra class at the local community college and Duncan was spending his days finishing data entry for his Eagle Scout project, Randy and I enjoyed some hiking days. He did a couple of overnighters (his hiking blog tells all) and I had a fabulous 8.2 miler with a friend.

We made it to Indian Flats Falls! Victory!

Algebra and Eagle, Algebra and Eagle. That's been our mantra during the weekdays of June, but we've had some fun weekends. We had a pop-up party with lots of lovely friends one weekend, and Father's Day weekend was highlighted by paddleboarding at the nice cold quarry on a hot, hot day.

That's me. All my yoga balance work pays off in paddleboarding!

I love this man. And what an amazing father he is to our kids!

Laurel and Hunter at the swimming area

The inevitable push-each-other-off-the-paddleboards war

And now here we are at the end of June, or nearly. Laurel has her algebra final today, and Duncan has finished the bulk of his Eagle Scout project. Camps for him are next: first church camp and then Boy Scout camp. Laurel's headed to Nashville this weekend to see her people, and that weather left a calling card again today:

Yep. Branch, meet Duncan's windshield.


June: in with a bang, out with a bang, and all softness in between.

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  1. Wow! That is some wild weather. The rest of the month looks wonderful.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I'm with you in the new phase of parenting, on the edge of the marrying years at least. Just this year both my older two have introduced us to serious partners and the m-word is at least being mentioned. Miss 22 will be bridesmaid at her bff's wedding in a few months. That'll be her second friend to marry. They seems so young...


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