Friday, November 11, 2005

Nov. 11, 2005: Tracy

I was struck Wednesday night once again by just how amazing it is to have a best friend. (I am talking here about a best girl friend. My husband is in an entirely different and wonderful category.) Tracy called me the other night right in the middle of a commercial break during "Lost." If it had been "Survivor" night, she never would have called; unfortunately, she missed out on the first season of "Lost" and we all know how that goes. Anyway, I love that I can say to her, "I love you, but I'm watching 'Lost' and I just can't talk to you right now." I love that she understands that and doesn't even put on a show like, "Hey, what's more important--talking to me or watching TV"--because she knows.

Tracy's mother died over 2 months ago now. It is hard to imagine Tracy without Joan. Even before I knew Tracy, I knew Joan. Tracy's older sister Lauren had all sorts of Joan and Big Ed stories. Joan and Big Ed were such a part of their lives that they couldn't even have a conversation without some mention of them.

Tracy is a gifted storyteller. Sometimes I think I have more vivid memories of her childhood than I do of mine, even though we didn't meet until college. The dining room table that Tracy and her friends refinished before Joan got home after a wild party one night....the evening glass of wine that she and her mom shared on the back stoop after supper....the baked chicken and rice that always gave her a headache....Aunt Nina....Sharon, Laura Bedoon and Mena....

I love that I can hear Tracy's voice so clearly. I hope she can hear her mother's voice so clearly.

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