Saturday, November 19, 2005

November 19, 2005: Do These Things Happen in Your Homes?

OK, so rarely do I manage to blog twice in a day, but here is what happened this afternoon. Laurel (8), Duncan and I are in the living room and smell poop quite strongly. I smell Duncan's heinie. A little smelly, but not much. We go into the bathroom and I wipe him. Not much there. Certainly not enough to merit the odor, which reminded me of pig farms in Iowa. So Laurel goes upstairs and says the fateful words: "You'd better come upstairs and see this!" So I go up, and the sink is smeared with poop. I mean, GLOBS of poop. Also an alien action figure and a giant dinosaur egg half. Poop is also in the toilet and dribbled on the seat.

WHY??? You ask? I have no idea. What would possess a child to SCOOP his SISTER's POOP (that's right, it wasn't even HIS) out of the toilet and into the sink with a giant dinosaur egg half? What would possess a child to smush it around in the sink and then ADD WATER?

Oh, I should mention that my little treasure will be 5 on Christmas Day---I know you were imagining that he was 18 months old, but NO, this is an almost 5 year old! Serenity. Serenity. Breathe deeply.....

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