Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 20, 2006: Weekend in the Smokies

There is nothing that could make Dr. H. happier than camping, so we spent Father’s Day weekend wrapped in the Smokies at the Cosby Campground . This actually began as a trip with Our Favorite Redheads but morphed into a Small Family camp with a Saturday visit by the Dad2Three & BloglessLeigh Family .

We had reserved a group campsite but opted to move to a smaller, quieter site when we realized that we would be right up against two groups of Cub Scouts. As Scouting families, we know that large groups of boys make noise—lots and lots of noise. Moving seemed to be a good idea.

In the morning visited an old cemetery—so old that the dates were long worn away. I love those mountain plots. The kids splashed around in the river for quite awhile. There’s not much I can think of that’s more peaceful than sitting on the edge of a river in the mountains.


In the afternoon the Laneys arrived, and we enjoyed several hours of good conversation and a gentle hike. Funny how things changed when the teen-age girls arrived. Suddenly our group was stalked by a couple of pre-teen boys, who apparently thought that it was perfectly acceptable to follow the girls around. Bryant and the Dads eventually shooed them away.

Back at our campsite, the ranger informed us that bear activity was high and that a bear trap was set nearby. He advised us not to let the kids play in the trap. More good conversation and then the Laneys had to head back to civilization.

Laurel had too many s’mores and got sick the middle of the night. I dreamed of bears. We headed home around noon, satisfied and refreshed. Camping is good for the soul. Regardless of bears, stalkers, vomit, and loads of laundry, we return always refreshed and excited about our next trip.

river rocks

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