Monday, October 16, 2006

Oct. 16, 2006: Monday Memory


It seemed only appropriate that this week's Monday Memory should involve the girls. This photo of us curly-girls in our smashing outfits was taken in the fall of 1991, as we were on our way to a Nanci Griffith concert at Bogarts in Cincinnati. Suzie (who couldn't be with us this past weekend) lived nearby in Dayton; Tracy and Angie came up from Johnson City, TN; and Randy and I lived in Oxford, Ohio (just outside Cincinnati). We thought we were really hot stuff in these outfits, and that concert was amazing.

Our Oxford years (1991-1994) were very memorable. The first few months were sheer torture as we learned to adjust to life without our group of friends. We'd been inseparable in some form or fashion for years and years, and for Randy and me, this was our first time in our marriage that we were actually alone. It took a lot of adjusting. I found a job that I loved right away, so that really helped. The gang came up to Oxford every-other-month, and Suzie, Randy and I drove down to Tennessee the alternate months. Jesse was born in 1993, and Oxford was a great place to take long walks with a baby. Randy finished his master's degree at Miami University in 1994, and we headed off to Iowa for the next chapter in our life.

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