Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oct. 26, 2006: Cades Cove Day

Today was our annual Autumn Cades Cove Day. The kids and I have been doing this for years--maybe since we've lived here. We missed peak color a few days ago, but of course everything was still breaktaking. Last year we went on Nov. 8, so the winter is definitely coming faster this year.

Create Your Own!

The Mountain to the Pine
By Clarence Hawkes

Thou tall, majestic monarch of the wood,
That standeth where no wild vines dare to creep,
Men call thee old, and say that thou hast stood
A century upon my rugged steep;
Yet unto me thy life is but a day,
When I recall the things that I have seen, --
The forest monarchs that have passed away
Upon the spot where first I saw thy green;
For I am older than the age of man,
Or all the living things that crawl or creep,
Or birds or air, or creatures of the deep;
I was the first dim outline of God's plan:
Only the waters of the restless sea
And the infinite stars in heaven are old to me.

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