Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Memory: Last Ski

This time of year I always miss winter sports, and heading up to Ober Gatlinburg last week to watch Jesse ski really made me miss my years of skiing. I would never have imagined that the day above, as my friend Dave and I headed out to Hawk's Nest in North Carolina, would be my last downhill ski trip for 19 years (and counting).

Of course this picture made me remember our good friend Dave King, as well. Dave was truly sweet and funny. He was an awesome musician--sang and played guitar just like James Taylor. Boy, I'd love to hear him now. Dave was also a big airhead. Here's a typical Dave scenario: we're all hanging out at our apartment, a couple of years after Randy and I were married. We decide to order pizza. Dave says, "I'm going to run down the street to visit so-and-so. I'll be back in 30 minutes when the pizza comes." He didn't show up again for another 3 weeks (and the pizza was long gone by then). So anyway, we haven't heard from Dave in 6 years. Wonder what he's up to now...

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  1. That is classic sarah. It certainly is a tiny world, especially with tools like "facebook."
    Thanks for dredging that photo up out our past. My wife, Marla, has frizzy hair when it snows too!


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