Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oh yeah, it's Valentine's Day...

February 14, 2007

It's one of those occasions I'm sure I've never celebrated correctly. I always forget to have the kids make cards for people, and so they received cards from friends on Monday without giving any in return. (They are learning to be good receivers.) Randy and I did have a fabulous date, almost our first one, 20 years ago tonight. We had spaghetti. And now we always have spaghetti on Valentine's Day, except--guess what? I totally forgot our tradition until mid-afternoon, when my friend Leigh said, "So you're having spaghetti tonight?" She remembered our family tradition, but I would have completely forgotten! Phew. Thank goodness for friends who know you.

Of course the kids didn't forget. Laurel has been helping Duncan make cards all week, and he got the idea to tape quarters into all the cards. Some of us made out pretty well. (Hmmm, where'd those quarters come from, anyway?) Laurel made some gorgeous cards herself, and she and Bitty Baby were all decked out for the occasion. My mother-in-law always sends the kids a Valentine's Day box, and my parents took the little ones to the Dollar Store to pick out their own unnecessary plastic objects. Duncan picked out some sort of glowing ball for Jesse. Jesse immediately broke it open and put the glowing part in his mouth and then in a glass of water. Amazing what joy one can get out of a Dollar Store toy.

We also had our annual Valentine's Day treasure hunt, in which I hide candy around the house and provide clues for hunting. Fortunately I had the presence of mind yesterday to actually buy bags of chocolate.

But mainly I've been finishing an article today, in between schooling, and I think I'm about done. I'll probably be less psychotic now. Randy was home sick again today, which is weird, too. I could get spoiled having him here, so it's a really good thing he has an office to go to. I'm spoiled enough as it is. So no diamonds and flowers here in Small World, but spaghetti and Kisses and sweetly decorated cards will always be enough celebration.

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