Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Carpe Diem Duo

March 14, 2007

I am loving spring break. This is the first year in many that we have taken official week-long breaks, and it is a gooooooooood thing. Today I worked for a couple of hours on a project I'm doing for my Mom's 80th birthday, which is coming up in a few weeks. I also got some much-needed cleaning done and visited with my brother and his wife for awhile. And then we took advantage of another gorgeous day to visit the Sam Houston Schoolhouse, which is about 5 miles from my home--and I've never been there until today.

I was prompted to visit the schoolhouse because our American Heritage Girls troop was asked to adopt a flowerbed. We were excited not only because we love community service projects but because we are currently doing the Gardening badge. And look at the size of the flower bed that is ours to design and plant!

Right now there are a few daffodils and some mangey-looking mums. We are envisioning circles of red, white and blue petunias. Our goal is to have this bed looking fabulous by April 21, when the Schoolhouse will host a big shindig. Can 75 girls create a masterpiece out of this in a month?

Of course we had to check out the rest of the grounds, including the schoolhouse where Sam Houston taught one year in the early 1800s. We had just finished reading about Sam Houston in Texas for history, so this was a great time to visit.

See that look on my face? That is my very happy and contented look. A healthy combination of relaxation and productivity is good for the soul.

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