Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday Memory: Easter Dresses

April 9, 2007

There is something so precious about a little girl's Easter dress. Laurel is about 4 in this picture. I remember everything about that dress--picking it out, letting her buy the hat, the little white shoes. What I can't remember is her at that age. Why is it so easy to remember the scuff marks on a shoe but so hard to remember the sound of a little one's voice or the roundness of her face? I am so thankful to have this vast store of photos. Scrolling through iPhoto, I am always struck by my children when they were about 1, 4, and 8. I have so little memory of those days. Was I so swamped with mothering, so exhausted, or what? I can remember all kinds of details about Jesse's first four years and Laurel's first two, but somehow I've lost Duncan's baby years. I am sad about that. Or maybe I just miss having a baby...

But I digress. Buying the requisite Easter dress is always a joy for me, and it's just as fun now that Laurel picks out the dress with me. This year she and her friend Caitlin bought the same dress in different colors, and their American Girl and Bitty baby dolls were all decked out, as well. I hope these dress and doll days last a long, long time.

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