Saturday, April 14, 2007

Homeschooling 101

April 14, 2007

Homeschooling 101 makes me happy. I am happy that it is over--that is true. It's one of those BIG checks off the never-ending To-Do list. But I love the opportunity to get to speak to people who are earnestly seeking out information about homeschooling. It actually thrills me to be able to encourage them. Our support group started this about 6 years ago. We take about 45 minutes to give the bare bones of homeschooling: homeschooling law in the state, approaches to homeschooling, reasons to homeschool, how to figure out what to do in your own home, etc. We open up the floor to Q&A and then take the next hour for curriculum browsing and more personal Q&A. Usually 6-12 members set up their own "Curriculum Share" tables. Participants can get their hands on the materials and talk to the users in a no-sales environment. This is an awesome time for new folks to really see what is available out there. Their faces get so excited when they see the possibilities for real, outside the walls, learning! (Current homeschoolers also enjoy this part if they have been wanting to see what others use.) We also have stacks of catalogs provided by various companies that folks can take home and peruse. (And TOS was lovely enough to give a free subscription as a doorprize.) We had about 30 potential homeschoolers attend today's seminar. I am so inspired to see all these families taking a long, honest look at their children's education. I know that our goal is to encourage them, but they certainly do encourage those of us in this journey already!

Next on the list: should I get my classes ready for Monday or find a warm blanket and read my latest book? Um, book.

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