Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Miscellany

* I love waking up to a clean house. I had a baby shower at my house last night, and my house is so nice and clean today. If only…

* I have nothing to say about Michael Jackson, and I apologize to my friends about that. They were watching his funeral and crying yesterday while I was cleaning. They were horrified that I wasn't crying and even accused me of having a heart of stone (in the most loving way, of course). I can't conjure up any real feelings about him, but I was really sad 20 years ago when Andy Gibb died.

* My daughter and I are making a baby quilt, and I can hardly wait to get my machine set up today and get started. We have the cutting out all done, so now the fun part begins. I am by no means a quilter, but I do enjoy the quiet and precision of quilt-making. It's a kind of poetry, matching colors and patterns, and the joy of creation is similar. Working with my little girl makes the experience all the sweeter.

* I'm teaching a lot of classes at our support group's enrichment class program this fall: World Lit/Geography for high school; and Basic Essay Writing, Literature Circle and Debate for middle schoolers (I'm co-teaching those last two). I really need to buckle down and do some serious lesson planning.

* But the pool beckons. I love where we live. The pools are so lovely and the weather divine. And, of course, those mountains.


  1. I love waking up to a clean house, too :) Only, mine needs a little work today. I couldn't cry about the MJ thing either, until I saw his daughter talking about him. That was hard. That's awesome you & your daughter are making a quilt!!! I can't wait to do the same with my little munchkin :)

  2. I didn't even think about watching the funeral and there were no tears shed over here either...guess we are both so cold...and I really can't wait to see the fnished baby get crackin'...
    oh and I am proud of you for blogging instead of playing hexic...
    And I loved my shower thanks! It was great fun!!

  3. I'll have a clean house tomorrow since we are having a party here tonight!

    re: M Jackson - it's always sad when someone dies young but it never occurred to me to cry or to watch his funeral. My kids don't even know who he is. I see no reason for them to see that media circus. There are more important people in this world to mourn.

  4. No tears here either. I saw the one clip of his daughter and it made me sad for his kids, because no matter how crazy he was perceived to be...he was their daddy. I felt sorry for them. The other who-ha was overdone in my book.
    I'm with you on the planning and I'm only teaching two classes this time. During the summer my motivation goes phfft.

  5. huh ... totally didn't know about the funeral so I clearly didn't watch it. the boys had a friend sleep over, so I just stayed out of their way.
    today I planted strawberries in one of our new square foot gardens and moved a bunch of other squished veggies from various parts of our yard to the second, new, square foot garden. sure could use a cup of something with you now that I am mostly done.
    sorry I missed donna's shower. I feel so left out.
    (just kidding)
    school starts on Monday for me ... wish me brain success!

  6. With you on the cold heart. :-)

    Enjoy the pools, it sounds divine!

  7. i'm with you and the micheal jackson thing. no feelings. none.

    yay for your clean house! a party is always motivation...

    are you guys coming to our little festival over labor day?


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