Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm Back

* I was really, really looking forward to returning from vacation and relaxing for a few days before our regular school year activities started in.

* But before I even returned from vacation—halfway between New York and Tennessee, actually—a new drama began unfolding back on the homefront. Well, not exactly on the homefront, but in our life.

* I resent drama, especially when it's brought about by adults who should certainly know how to play nicely with others by now.

* So tonight, we are putting the drama totally aside and enjoying a quiet evening. We aren't answering the phone, and I'm going to try really hard not to check my email.

* And later, I'll give a full account of our travels.

* But not of the drama, so don't look forward to hearing that sordid tale.

* And so it goes.


  1. What IS Drama? No one has been able to give the same answer to my question. What is Drama?

  2. Glad that you are putting aside the drama, to relax for now especially with school on the horizon.

    Look forward to hearing about your vacation.

  3. Wow. Wish I was as innocent/clueless as Vagabond and didn't know what drama is! :) Sadly, I've witnessed FAR too much infantile drama among "mature" Christians in the last couple of years. Makes me roll my eyes and want to throw something.

    Good for you on the skipping it and enjoying life. :)

  4. Welcome back! You were missed. :)

  5. ... and I happy. love you!

  6. Well, Carol and Cindy-Still Has, I'm awaiting your definitions of Drama?

    What is it????? Define please.

  7. dang. i love other people's drama. just kidding. i particularly LOVE teen drama. it is most entertaining. glad you're back and had a good time. sweat about gratisfest. however, i hung out with stevie c. this weekend and he promised to give you grief over it!

  8. did i just say no sweat? i need to write more.....

  9. Glad to here you are back!!!!its really so much of entertaining....thanks for sharing

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  10. i have to tell you one of the status updates my eldest left...

    "if drama were vodka, man we'd all be drunk"

    don't know if he made it up himself...but i laughed my self silly.


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