Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scouting Family Camp

We had a fantastic, restful weekend during our third annual Scouting Family Camp weekend at the Big South Fork, about an hour and a half north of Knoxville. Great friends, beautiful area, whippoorwills and owls, and no copperheads this year.

Camping is the ultimate soul-refresher for Dr. H. and me, and we sorely needed to be refreshed.


  1. Liked your slide show. We had a great time too. Except for the ticks. Did you all get into any?

  2. Sounds like fun! Sorry we missed it again. Maybe next year?

  3. I love Four Seasons Spring!!

    Looks beautiful and refreshing.


  4. Oh, I miss camping!! I grew up camping a LOT, and have only been a few times since being married. My dh loves to camp too, he's just sooo busy with his job that we can never seem to make it happen... I keep 'threatening' to just schedule something, and then if he can't make it, go anyway with the kids... he just smiles.
    I'm determined to go camping next summer! Determined!! Lord willing...

    Enjoy them-

  5. I hate that we missed it, but it IS really nice to be able to park my car in my garage for the first time in 5 years!

    And I know where the snakes were this year: in my garage!


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