Sunday, January 17, 2010

On the Menu

So, I didn't mean to lie about what we were eating last week, but I used a couple of key ingredients last week in other recipes and forgot that I had a church potluck, so we switched things up a bit. We did have Indian Chicken and lentils, which is always a huge hit at our house. We also tried Greek Pasta Bake. This made a huge pan. My parents came over to dinner that night, so this recipe served 7 with enough leftovers for 4 more servings. The verdict: everyone LOVED it. My only modification was that I used fresh spinach instead of frozen. I added this to the What's for Supper list.

Instead of Arroz con Pollo Soup (because I accidentally used some of the ingredients for it), I made Pioneer Woman's Chicken and Rice Soup. Soooo delicious! I substituted carrots for celery and left out the pimentos, and it was fantastic. Everyone loved it. This served 6 people with probably 4 bowls of leftovers.

So we never got to Tomato Chipotle Soup. I'm not sure why. That gets moved to this week's menu. I have a few new recipes to try this week: Chicken with 40 Garlic Cloves, Marci's Tortellini Stir Fry, Ginger Beef, and Corn and Potato Chowder.

And, the best part is, Dr. H. did the grocery shopping this week. (The bad news is, we're already out of laundry detergent and cooking oil.)

Whatcha eating this week? Got any new recipes for me? Tons more at Menu Plan Monday and Tasty Tuesday.


  1. Good for you with the menu plan. I've been doing that for the past 2 weeks and love knowing what I'll be cooking. I'll have to try Pioneer Woman's soup. Sounds really good.

  2. This is super helpful! I came across this just as I was trying to write up my menu/shopping list for the week.


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