Sunday, January 24, 2010

On the Menu

I love food. I especially love food on nights like this when Randy is making fettuccine alfredo. He makes the best I've ever had; in fact, I never order anything with a white sauce at a restaurant because I'm always disappointed.

(He is trying to make me fix the broccoli, but I'm ignoring him. I figure if I keep blogging, he'll do it himself. Side dishes are overrated anyway.)

So, as usual, I didn't get to everything on my menu last week. We had hamburgers one night and my Dad's birthday supper another night for which I contributed Rainy Monday Beef Stew (even though it was a rainy Friday).

(Excuse me while I fix the broccoli.)

OK, now where was I? Oh yes: last week. So, the winner of the week was this Ginger Beef, which was absolute amazing. I did substitute chicken for the beef with great success, and if you try this recipe, you should be aware that it serves only two. I did not notice that until I finished cooking it and wondered why there wasn't very much. For no apparent reason, I assume every recipe serves 4-6. Randy and I loved Marci's Tortellini Stir Fry, but Laurel wasn't here for that one. She is our adventurous eater. Duncan just ate plain tortellini. Jesse isn't a big fan of peanut sauce, so he wasn't crazy about it, but who cares about him. He can always eat fish sticks. The Tomato Chipotle Soup was not the biggest hit. Randy and I both liked it, but it was very, very rich. If I were to make it again, and I might, I would use it as a side dish and make some kind of panini be the main course. A whole bowl of the tomato chipotle was just too much. But we did remark on how we could feel the Vitamin C coursing through our veins! (Or arteries, or however that works.)

So coming up this week, I have a few more new recipes on the menu: Black Bean and Corn Chicken Taco Bake for when my parents come to supper Tuesday evening and Chuck Wagon Soup for Thursday when I need a crockpot meal; and we'll also be trying Chicken with 40 Garlic Cloves and Corn and Potato Chowder, which I didn't get to last week. If I get really ambitious and feeling like a serious carnivore, I might make Pioneer Woman's Ribeyes. I happen to have four in the freezer.

That's what we're eating in SmallWorld these days! What's happening in your kitchens? You can find some good ideas at Menu Plan Monday and Tasty Tuesdays.

(And was that fettuccine alfredo ever gooooood! I can feel the, um, cream and butter coursing through my veins....)


  1. Not to freak you out or anything. . . but I *will* be reading again -- sorry I've been away. And I WILL be trying some of those recipes.

    I may email you -- or check your reading blog. Looking for some good book choices for Edison (15). :)

  2. Would you please, please, pretty please post Randy's Alfredo recipe? I have been looking for a good one for years.


  3. I'm glad you liked the Tortellini Stir Fry! Yes, please post the Alfredo recipe. I need one.


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