Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Homeschooled Graduate

High school graduation is a big milestone for any parent. The pride, the joy, the tears shed for that little guy who once carried his crayons and glue sticks in a Matchbox-car backpack, now proudly accepting his high school diploma and moving his tassel from one side to the other. Sweet success—he did it!

A momentous occasion for any parent. But for those of us who have homeschooled, this event takes on epic proportions. Not “he did it” but “WE did it!”

We learned to sing the ABCs, to form letters, to sound out words, and ultimately to enjoy the sweet reward of the world of books. …

[I'm over at The Homeschool Classroom today. Hop over there to read the rest of My Homeschooled Graduate!]

The Homeschool Classrom


  1. my little brother and sister are graduating today and i can't believe the time has already come! such a fun time! enjoy celebrating with each other and thanks for stopping by events by design!

  2. I HOPE I can do as good a job with my kiddos as you have with yours!


  3. I hear what you're saying, Sarah. I get so excited when my kids read a sentence knowing we both did that. Congratulations to you both!!!


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