Wednesday, December 8, 2010

50 Best Homeschooling Blogs

I got notification today that SmallWorld at Home has been included on the list of 50 Best Homeschooling Blogs on the Guide to Online Schools. That is so nice of them! Here's what they have to say about my blog:
"This blog depicts a very positive view of homeschooled teenagers. The older kids participate in co-op classes, attend dances and bonfires through the local homeschool support community, and live a full, well-adjusted life."
I love it. I really do think my kids live a "full, well-adjusted life." So do I.

The other part I love is that I haven't heard of most of the other 50 blogs! Why Homeschool and A Familiar Path are long-time, daily reads, but I've got my work cut out visiting many of the others. Good thing Christmas break is almost here!


  1. YAHOO- congratulations! You REALLY deserve the honor...I am "watching" you with your teens so I can do homeschooling well when we reach that age...

  2. Congratulations! that's so wonderful

  3. That is great! I always enjoy your blog.

  4. Great list. Lots for me to check out. And, I agree with your placement on the list! You've been on fire lately!


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