Wednesday, December 22, 2010

At Ten

This is my Christmas baby. He'll be 10 in just a few days, on Christmas day. This is what people generally say about him: he is always smiling. As his mother, of course, I know that's not exactly true. But he really is an unusually sweet, kind, and happy person. He's also full of mischief. Mischief wrapped in kindness and sheer joy, all tied up with dimples and a big smile. He's exactly like his father.

Duncan turning 10 made me nostalgic about my older two. I had to hunt down photos of them on their 10th birthdays.

Here's my beautiful girl at 10 and now at 13…

And our firstborn at 10 and at 17…

Yes, it's astonishing how much they grow in just a few short years. They always told us that, didn't they? All those older women who'd stop us in the store and say, "Oh, they grow so fast! Enjoy them while you can!" And we'd inwardly roll our eyes because we were already tired of diapers and potty chairs and washing little hands.

Yes. They grow fast, and yet it all takes a very, very long time. And: you can still enjoy them at 10 and 13 and 17. I promise.


  1. Beautiful photos. I enjoy my kids (13 and nearly 12) more and more each year. Those baby days went fast but I don't really miss them. I'm thrilled to see the way my kids are growing up.

  2. Our oldest turns 10 in two years, and I am NOT looking forward to it! It will be the "first" age milestone- DOUBLE DIGITS! It means she will be 8 years away from leaving the nest- which IS what I want for her, but still, it DOES go by way too fast!

  3. I once read something that said for a mother, the years go by in the blink of an eye, but the days stretch on for years. So true!

  4. What a special Christmas present.

  5. Beautiful shots..
    It seems like a good Christmas.

  6. I almost never comment, I really should do more often. I love reading your blog, so often it is just what I needed to see,

    Merry Christmas


  7. That is so funny to find this post ... out of the blue today, AJ asked, "Mama, how old is Duncan? Like 12?" and my guess was more like 10!

    What a neat reminder to enjoy them where they are ... and remember fondly where they were.

    Blessings to you!!


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