Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Is It About Feet?

I always enjoy looking through my iPhoto to see what pictures my kids have taken lately. I was amused today by all the pictures of feet that my teenage daughter and her friends have taken. There are feet for every season and occasion:

Fall feet…

Winter feet…

Spring Feet

Summer Feet…

One can't help but quote Dr. Seuss:
"In the house and on the street, how many different feet you meet!"


  1. That makes me want to grab my camera and start taking pictures of our family's feet!

  2. I loved it!!!!! LOL how wonderful!

  3. Nice collection of feet!

  4. Fun feet. Happy Wordless Wednesday. Please stop by and see mine.

  5. I love your post! It makes me think of this post that I did a while ago about my daughters feet. Look if you have a minute and scroll down towards the end of the post. Her feet are in flip flops. :)

  6. So funny... I thought that I was only Mom with feet on her camera roll! DR started taking pics of her feet very early on, so we have pics of her feet from when she was around 3 up til now at 10. =)


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