Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Miscellany

*Imagine my shock and dismay when I saw that it's been over a week since my last blog entry. What in the world have I been doing that's prohibited me from blogging?

*Last weekend our dear friends from college, who live two hours away, stayed with us. Their daughter was flying home after a month in Colorado, and since we live literally right by the airport, this was a perfect opportunity for a visit. It was also Elizabeth's 18th birthday, so we celebrated with Cincinnati fire kites, cake, and sheer laziness mixed with a healthy dose of good conversation.

Here are the boys lighting a fire kite at midnight.

The bloody hand is always a hit with guests. I've never claimed to live in a normal house.

* I hosted our annual summer American Heritage Girls planning session at my home on Tuesday night. Fortunately, my house was still rather clean after our weekend. We have an awesome group of leaders this year and already about 90 girls signed up for our troop. Just a little over a month until the wild rumpus starts again.

* Wednesday was spent preparing for and then helping out with our church's Backpack Bash and clothing event. We spent literally all day organizing school supplies that had been donated, hanging and sorting clothing, and preparing to host this community outreach event. We opened our doors at 5:30 to the the community and were able to supply about 100 kids with backpacks and supplies. We also had gently used clothing and then a casual meal for the families. For a church of only 150, I think we did well. But we have a bigger goal for next year.

* Thursday our oldest AHG girls spent the entire day getting their CPR certification. Fortunately, all I had to do was open the doors to the church and lock them back up, so I spent most of the day recuperating at home.

* Friday we went to the city pool for one last weekday swim. Yes, our city pools closed yesterday, except for a few more weekends only. I know. It's absurd. The excuse is that the schools start back up and the lifeguards are no longer available. The most obvious question is: why do the schools start back up in late July or Aug. 1? Oh, I know some of the standard reasons that are given, but really, now. A little common sense, oh-Great-Administrators.

* Yes, I go off on this rant every single year. Why do I even care? We homeschool!

* My Dad and I are flying out on Tuesday to visit my aunt in Washington. She lives on an island off the coast, and I wish I could be delighted to be going to this beautiful place. But my aunt was recently diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer, and so our visit is really to say goodbye. I am so thankful that my father, who is 86, can make this trip, and that my husband is here to take care of the kids and my mom. Bittersweet.

* I was floored to see that the high temperature in Friday Harbor, Washington will be 71 degrees during our few days there. Here in our town, we'll have a straight week of 95. Ouch. After living in shorts and tank tops for months, I can't even remember what kind of clothes to wear in 71 degrees!

* And that is all I have to say. I may be blogging next from a 1-square mile town on an island in the Pacific.


  1. Sounds like you had an enjoyable week with friends, scouting, and giving! Love you blog.. I probably should leave comments more often.


  2. Sarah,
    Enjoy your trip, even though that's not really the right word. And now you have to read SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS, if you haven't already.



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