Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Has Sprung and Other Ramblings

* The first day of spring began just as it should, with sunshine and daffodils.

My mother always said it, and my father. I suppose everyone's parents did: spring has sprung. Why don't I say things like that? Why don't I have a vocabulary full of colorful sayings? Why don't  colloquialisms roll of my tongue like jewels, enriching an otherwise bland comment?
"Lord willin' and the creek don't rise," says my husband in anticipation.
"It don't take long to look at a horseshoe," he replies to any, "That didn't take long!"
"Looks like they opened up a new box of worms!" he comments when traffic is heavy.

I am a metaphor mixer. I get all those kettles and frying pans and boxes of worms mixed up. I don't understand "I've slept since then" and "herding cats." And if I do understand them upon the umpteenth explanation, I still would never be able to repeat them in casual conversation. I have considered cultivating the gift of colloquialism, but somehow it seems phony to have to learn to use them. Things like that should come naturally.

* My mother laughs at me for taking photos like this. It's just laundry on the line. But to me, this is beautiful. This is my mother. She'll be 86 in just two weeks, and still she hangs laundry out every sunny day—and even some not-so-sunny days. She'd sooner hang laundry on a drying rack in front of the fireplace than use the dryer. Is it her Depression-era save-a-penny ethic, or is it the joy of fresh-smelling clothes? I don't know. I just know that these things that once drove me crazy—the economizing and the stiff jeans—now make my heart swell with love.

* And this makes my heart swell with love, too. That's my mother surrounded by little ones: two great-grandchildren and two grandchildren. There were three more of her grandchildren and one more great-grandchild there that day as we celebrated grandchild #10's first birthday (that's the little one in blue at her knees). It was madly chaotic and lovely.

* Waffles this morning, and fresh strawberries and a fire in the fireplace. Spring was short-lived. We are back to gray skies and a threat of snow. The animals are curled into balls of fur and the fleece blankets are back scattered on the sofas. Tomorrow, Randy and I go away to celebrate our 24th anniversary. Twenty-four years! Next year, we'll head to Italy for #25. I know—sooo exciting!

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  1. Wow, in that first picture the sky looks like it's on fire. Love the family picture, as well -- special moments like those should be cherished!

    Here's my SATURDAY SNAPSHOT post.

  2. I love those sayings, even though I don't often use them. They do remind me of my mother; I like the one: "Lord willing and the creek don't rise."

    Seeing clothes on the line also reminds me of my mother when I was young...laundry day was an all-day affair, and a pot of beans bubbled on the stove while we worked.

    Thanks for reminding me of fun things...and sharing your lovely family photos.


  3. I loved this post. made me smile.
    And happy anniversary to you two.

  4. I love your laundry photo -- wonderful repetition and a great angle.

  5. Such a lovely post - thanks for warming the cockles of my heart!!

  6. Such a beautiful post. In Australia it is still normal for us to dry our laundry on the line outside. There is nothing like the smell of line dried sheets. So I'm with your mother too. And it's economical to boot. Lovely photo of her with the kids- multigenerational times like that are so special.

  7. What gorgeous photos, and I like the way you find inspiration in simple, everyday things that mean a lot. No Snapshot from me this week, because I only got back from Mum's yesterday, but I like to see what everyone is doing!

  8. Hello and thank you for this post! I happened across your blog while perusing the Carnival of Homeschooling post on Homeschooling Atheist Momma. Your humor and bliss are so evident in your writing, making it a joy to read. And, your photography is awesomely beautiful, yet feels real and accessible.

    Believe it or not, I think we live in the same town. It IS a small world! Anyway, thanks again for your post. I look forward to visiting your blog again in the future. :-) All the best to you... Bridget aka MamaBeany


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