Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Miscellany

* I really am going to start blogging again. Really. It's just that things have been so crazy around here. I've spent countless hours in the past month getting ready for and doing AHG camp. Every now and then I remember that I really should grade one more stray research paper or journal from my lit class. And then I run over to see my parents or take 15 minutes to fix a lousy supper. And I've read about 25 pages in a book in the past two weeks.

* But now it's all over. Camp, that is. The last papers are graded. We have groceries in our fridge. And I'm ready to have fun. Yesterday we welcomed in summer's official start by getting on the lake with friends. I am so happy to have a wonderful friend with a boat! The kids had a fantastic time tubing and swimming. And, well, everything is good when you are on the water, surrounded by mountains.

* I'm not the only one who's been working like crazy. Just last week Laurel put in 30-something hours of service, volunteering at VBS, Second Harvest Food Bank, AHG camp, and our support group. I was really exhausted and done after our three-day AHG camp, but I wasn't too exhausted to get a lump in my throat seeing these girls together at the end of camp. We always have our oldest girls be our camp leaders, and this is their third camp as leaders. And last. Next time we do camp, they'll all have graduated from high school.

They are the sweetest, kindest, funniest girls I could ever hope to know. My daughter has wonderful friends. And they all deserve a fabulous summer.

* And now that I'm done with all my stuff and ready to spend some time with Duncan, he is off to camps for the next two weeks. He'll be at church camp next week and Boy Scout camp the week after.  I'm hoping to tackle some painting projects.

* And to blog. I have about sixteen dozen blog posts swimming around in my head.

* But speaking of swimming, I might just spend all my time in the water instead of blogging.

Happy summer!

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